Poroshenko: NATO membership remains Ukraine's strategic goal

As was stated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, NATO membership remains a strategic goal and provides guidelines for Ukraine.

On Tuesday, while addressing the members of Parliament at the opening of the autumn session, Poroshenko noted that Kyiv managed to achieve an unprecedented level of cooperation with NATO countries.

Poroshenko stressed that Ukraine will increase, extend, and deepen cooperation with NATO until it fully meets the criteria for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ukraine regularly conducts joint military exercises with NATO. However, members of the Alliance insist that Ukraine’s modernized weapons still do not meet NATO standards.

Some members of the Alliance expressed concerns that these statements by the Ukrainian President will cause discontent in Moscow, as Russian authorities believe that last month Kyiv attempted to regain control of the Crimea, accusing Ukrainian Intelligence of plotting terrorist attacks on the pensinsula.

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