Emergency power outages continue in the Crimea

On Sunday, July 10, the electricity supply to villages in the Saki region of Crimea was interrupted.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations press service in Crimea, Tunnelne, Shtormove and parts of Uyutne villages experienced power outages.

The power outage left 3,609 people in the dark.

The department says that all the important infrastructure systems are functioning normally.

On the eve of July 10, part of Sevastopol experienced a power outage due to an accident in the power grid.

On December 30, 2015, the supply of electricity from mainland Ukraine to Crimea was stopped due to damage to the transmission pylons in the Kherson region. The power line that supplied Crimea with up to 250 megawatts has since been repaired but no longer supplies electricity to Crimea, because the contract with Russia from 2014 for the supply of electricity to the occupied region has expired.

Now, Crimea generates its own electricity and receives power from generator systems from Russia and through the energy bridge from Kuban.

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