President of Ukraine promises to increase salaries of Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Donbas

In his speech during celebrations on the occasion of the Day of the Air Force of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised to increase salaries of Ukrainian military personnel located in the conflict zone in the east of the country, reports UNIAN.

Poroshenko said that the decision to increase payments is a testament to the "priority of financing the Armed Forces and ensuring the protection of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of our state." "I have requested to increase support for the front line to 10 thousand hryvnia per month ($387 USD), and increase support for the second line to 4.5 thousand hryvnia ($174 USD)," said the Ukrainian president.

Additionally, the Ukrainian President congratulated the pilots at the festivities on the occasion and gave them awards.

Earlier, Poroshenko flew on a MiG-29 fighter to celebrate the day of the Air Force of Ukraine. The plane flew with the president to the military airfield at Vinnitsa. Later, a video recording of Poroshenko's flight was published by the press service of the President of Ukraine.

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