Putin: The global balance of power is being restored

The global balance of power, following failed attempts to create a unipolar world, is gradually being restored, as stated by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in an interview on the show 'Itogi nedeli (Results of the week)', on the NTV channel.

"The situation is changing and that is obvious as we can all see that many of our partners prefer references to the principles of international law because the world’s balance is gradually being restored. And it's inevitable!" Putin said.

As he added, attempts to create this unipolar world failed to establish it as, "We already live in a different dimension."

According to him, Russia has always held this view that "when defending our own national interests, we must also respect the interests of others."

"That's how we're going to build our relations with all our partner nations," Putin concluded .
As of December 1st, Putin approved a new concept on Russia's foreign policy.

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