Putin announced a surprise inspection of the Russian Air Force

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, ordered a sudden inspection of the Russian Aerospace Forces which began on Tuesday, February 7th. This was announced by the Russian Defense Minister General, Sergey Shoygu.

"Today, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to assess the readiness of the military command bodies and of the armed forces to carry out combat training tasks, snap inspections of the Aerospace Forces have begun," Shoygu said.

According to him, starting on 9 am, military command bodies, units, and garrisons started to implement measures to be put on the highest level of combat readiness.

"During the inspection special attention should be given to the state of combat readiness, deployment of defense systems in a wartime and to the readiness of the aviation groups to repel aggression. To conduct tactical training and test tasks with all the inspected military garrisons and units," Shoygu said.

He also ordered to ensure a strict compliance with the safety requirements during the inspection, as well as with the safety of weapons and ammunition.

"In order to fulfill the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces for the General Staff, control groups should be formed, and their work in the main command, formations, units and garrisons of the Aerospace Forces should be organized," the Minister said.

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