Putin announces that Russia will host its own Paralympic games

Russia will hold its own competition for qualified Russian athletes in the Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, as stated by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday, August 25, 2016, TASS reported.

According to him awards for participants in these games will be equivalent to those in the Paralympics.

"I want to say to our Paralympic athletes: we, of course, will support you at these specially organized events, where you can show your skills and congratulate the winners the same as it would be at the Olympic Games," he said.

Commenting on the decision of the International Paralympic Committee to prevent Russian athletes from the participating in the games, Putin has referred to it as inhumane. "The decision to disqualify our Paralympians is without right, morality and humanity," Putin said.

As it was previously reported, the decision to remove the Russian Paralympic Team from the competition was announced by the President of the International Paralympic Committee in mid-August.

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