Putin: Fear is the reason for the West's negative attitudes toward Russia

In response to the question of a German journalist, “What is the cause of negative attitude of the West towards you,” Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that the negative attitude of the West towards him is caused by fear. This was the answer given by the Russian President to the question posed by the German documentary film-maker Hubert Seipel.

The story Das ist Putin of the New Russian Sensations program was released on the 8th of October on the website of NTV Channel. The story contains fragments of conversation between Seipel and Putin, which were included in the film 'I, Putin'.

In particular, the President was asked what, in his opinion, was the main reason for the negative attitude of the West towards him. The Russian President also stated in his interview that "he should be the kind of person that people want him to be". Hubert Seipel accompanied Putin on his trips around Russia for a few weeks and conducted numerous interviews with him.

  Vladimir Putin, Russia