Putin: Russia’s new rearmament program will significantly increase the potential of the Russian Army

Russia’s armament program, expected to run till 2025, will be a crucial instrument in the implementation of the country's military and technical policy, as stated by the Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Ministry of Defense and Russian military enterprises in Sochi.

“The new program aims to ensure the balanced development of weapons systems for all the types of troops in the Russian Armed Forces and a gradual rearmament of all military units. This will significantly increase the military capability of the Armed Forces, ensuring the implementation of the tasks envisaged in the military doctrine and the National security Strategy,” Putin stated.

According to Putin, the measures being taken will allow the army and the navy to be equipped with modern weaponry and will provide an opportunity to create a scientific and technological basis for the creation of new weapons.

This is the ninths series of presidential meetings with the military which traditionally are held twice a year in May and November.

  Putin, Russian Army


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