Putin: Russia will respond to the deployment of American missile systems in Romania

Russia will respond  to the deployment of American missile systems in Romania, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas.

According to Putin, the anti-aircraft missile installations can be easily switched to an attack mode by changing the system's software.

"But the worst is the fact that the attack missiles can be loaded into these systems right at the moment. And then they can reach a range of up to 2400 kilometers. And it is not difficult to replace one missile with another. One can just change the software in the system. Nobody will notice it, not even the Romanians," the Russian President stated. 

"In this case Russia will have to respond appropriately," Putin added.

"Only yesterday those regions of Romania were not aware of how it felt to be on the radar of the [Russian] missile system. But now we will have to take steps to ensure our safety. And, I repeat, these are retaliatory steps. We are not the ones who started it," Putin said.

On May 12th, the inauguration of the US missile defense site took place in Deveselu, Romania.

  Russia, NATO