Putin: The Russian Army does not threaten anyone

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his surprise regarding the reaction of some of Russia’s western partners to the military exercises of the Russian Army.

“Our Army does not threaten anyone. I would like to stress it again, so that everyone hears, and not only those present in this conference hall,” he stated on Saturday while talking with the workers of the Russian Avtodiesel plant, which is situated in the city of Yaroslavl and is a part of Russian GAZ company.

“But it [the Army] has become strong, it has become modern and effective. The number of military exercises, including sudden readiness checks, has increased many times. And they [the exercises] sometimes bother our so-called partners. When they conduct their military exercises we do not worry, and they, for some reason, start being nervous,” the Russian President stated.

Putin stressed that the Russian army does not threaten and is not going to threaten anyone.

“Why should we? We have the largest territory and we have to ensure the security of our own country, our own people. Our army is capable of doing it and we will continue to develop it further ,” Putin said

He said that the program of the modernization of the Russian Army is currently underway.

“It [the Army] has to be compact but very effective. And we will continue its structural reform and optimize the number of serviceman without massive layoffs,” the Russian president stated.

According to him, special attention will be given to such military components as reconnaissance, communication and high precision weapons.

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