Putin's Comments on Donbas to Be Considered At Next UN Security Council Meeting

The Ukrainian delegation initiated a discussion in the UN Security Council about the recent statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the Donbas that purport to cast doubt on Ukraine's border.  This was stated on the website of the delegation of Ukraine to the UN.

During the discussions, the representative of Ukraine, Vladimir Yelchenko, stated the inadmissibility of attempts of the top leadership of Russia to rewrite history and to question the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Ukraine. According to Yelchenko, Putin's statements violate fundamental international instruments, in particular, the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1975.

In this regard, the representative of Ukraine has renewed his call to all parties of the Budapest Memorandum, including the Russian Federation, to immediately hold talks on blatant attacks on the existing borders of Ukraine, as provided for by Article 6 of the Memorandum.

Vladimir Putin called the inclusion of the Donbas as a part of Ukraine under the Soviet Union "nonsense.”  "For example, under what pretext was the Donbas passed to Ukraine?  It was done to increase the interest of the proletariat in Ukraine in order to have greater social support.  It is delirium, do you understand?  And this is not the only example.  There are many others," Putin claimed.

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