Putin signed a law allowing soldiers to enter into short-term contracts

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law giving the military an opportunity to enter into short-term contracts. The document is published on the official web portal of legal information.

In the past, servicemen with the rank of soldier, sailor, sergeant or master sergeant could make their first contract for two or three years. Warrant officers, midshipmen and officers could sign up for five years. Now, according to the new bill, these categories of military personnel will be able to sign a contract for a period of less than one year under certain conditions, although the minimum term has not been set.

A short-term contract may be concluded in the period of emergency or during the maintenance or restoration of peace and security. Also, a contract of one year or less could be concluded for the "suppression of international terrorist activities outside the territory of Russia,” and for the periods of ships’ cruises.

The law applies not only to conscripts but also to the citizens in reserve who wish to enter into a contract. The bill was approved by the State Duma in mid-December. The explanatory note stated that the reasons for the bill were the changes in the "military-political situation" and "the intensification of international terrorist and extremist organization activity." The accompanying documents noted that such contracts will help to staff the military units "quickly.”

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