Putin signed order to expand Russian naval base in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order to expand the territory of the Russian naval base in the Syrian City of Tartus, the Kremlin announced in a statement on Friday.

"Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the signing of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic to expand the territory of the naval base of the Russian Federation in the area of the port of Tartus and also to allow the future visits of Russian military ships in the territorial sea, inland waters and ports of the Syrian Arab Republic," the statement read.

Tartus is the second largest port city in Syria after Latakia. The military base there has existed since 1971.

Tartus is the only Russian Navy base outside the former Soviet Union. 

In early October, Russia deployed a battery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria for the defense of the Russian base in Tartus.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia said it plans to stay in Tartus for half a century.

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