Railroads in the Donbas will be cleared for coal transportation

In Minsk, it was agreed that railroads will be cleared for coal transportation to Ukrainian power stations

At yesterday's meeting in Minsk, members of a subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on economic issues agreed to start the process of clearing the rail networks through which coal is transported from the occupied territories to Ukrainian power stations, as Darya Olifer, the press secretary for Leonid Kuchma, wrote on her Facebook page. This is about clearance and reconstruction of railway haul between Mykytivka and Mayorsk.

Night movement of rail cargo will also be renewed on the railway haul between Yasynuvata and Skotovata.

“These railway hauls are important because in this way coal is transported to Ukrainian power stations. We also hope that reconstruction work will be an additional incentive for cessation of hostilities in this region. I remind you that, thanks to the work of the Trilateral Contact Group last year, the railway haul between Mykytivka and Mayorsk was already restored, but, due to military operations, it was destroyed again,” Olifer wrote.

She also noted that the group had considered the issues of water delivery, the return of Ukrainian property, the restoration of railway operations and social issues.

As was reported by Korrespondent.net, freight rail transportation through the line of demarcation in the Donbas resumed on June 25.

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