Russian media: there are 2,500 Russian mercenaries in Syria

Russian mercenaries from the Wagner private military company who fought in Syria earned between RUB 5.1 billion ($78.7 million)and RUB 10.3 billion ($159 million, RBC wrote, referencing their own calculations. According to the statement, up to 2,500 mercenaries from the private military company are in Syria.

The officer from the Ministry of Defense reported that the salaries of each mercenary in Syria rarely exceeded RUB 300,000 ($4,630). In Russia, fighters got paid at least RUB 8,000 ($123). According to the co-owner of Moran Security Group, Boris Chikin, equipment for each soldier costs up to $1,000 Expenses also include accommodation and monthly displacement costs for each soldier. Food costs about RUB 800 ($12) per day.

Therefore, RBC has estimated the monthly cost of deploying 2,500 mercenaries to Syria at RUB 170 million ($2.6 million). According to various sources, Wagner lost between 27 and 100 soldiers during their stay in Russia.

Information differs about compensation for the families of the deceased. One source familiar with the structure of the private military company says families receive approximately RUB 5 million ($77,000) in compensation. The officer of the Ministry of Defense reports that families receive about RUB 1 million ($15,400) for a soldier’s death and up to RUB 500,000 Rubles ($7,700) for injury.

RBC wrote that funds for mercenaries come from both the State and private investors. However, RBC representatives refused to identify those investors even during informal talks when the recorders were off.

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