Rocket powered by Ukrainian engine launches Google satellite

The Vega rocket, which has a Ukrainian engine, has successfully put five satellites into orbit, as was reported on the website of the European Space Agency. The rocket was launched at 00:43 Kyiv time from Kourou Cosmodrome, French Guiana, containing four SkySat terra bella satellites owned by Google. Moreover, it also put the first Peruvian satellite PeruSAT-1 into orbit.

The launch of the Vega rocket was the seventh in its history. On 23 June 2015, the European satellite Sentinel-2A, which conducts remote monitoring of the Earth was put into orbit with the help of this rocket.  The Vega rocket is able to place into low Earth orbit loads of 300 to 1500 kilograms. The components of the upper (fourth) stage of the rocket were developed by Yuzhnoye Design Office, and the Yuzhmash Machine-Building Plant headquartered in Dnipropetrovsk created the main RD- 843 engine.

  Vega rocket, Ukrainian industry