Russia increased number of warships in Mediterranean Sea

The permanent fleet of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean has been increased to 15 ships. The group consists of the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, landing ships Nikolay Filchenkov, Caesar Kunikov, and Azov, patrol ship Smetlivy, submarine Krasnodar, a tanker, anti-sabotage ships and support vessels. Before these additions, the group included ten ships, according to Interfax, citing the press service of the Black Sea Fleet.

The addition of the ship Smetlivy was reported on May 22nd. The following day, the Mediterranean group began exercises, and the frigates were also involved in these exercises.

The Admiral Essen joined the permanent naval group on May 5th. It is equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles. Another frigate of the group, Admiral Grigorovich, fired a cruise missile on militants in Syria in November 2016.

On May 31,Russian frigate Admiral Essen and the submarine Krasnodar which are currently in the Mediterranean fired four Kalibr cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in the Syrian Palmyra region, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

All the missiles reportedly hit their targets. The strikes were directed at heavy equipment and troops brought over from Raqqa.

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