Russia introduces a schedule of power outages in Crimea

Russia introduced temporary power outage schedule for the southern coast of Crimea as a result of the maximum load on the Simferopol – Yalta power lines being exceeded, as stated by the Ministry of Energy of Russia, according to Interfax.

"On August 6th, at 10:33 Moscow time, an order was issued to introduce timetables for the temporary shutdown of consumption in the amount of 8 MW (...) in the power sector for the south coast of Crimea. The reason for this is the exceeding of the permissible load on the 110 kV overhead power line Simferopolskaya-Yalta. This information is still being clarified," the department notes.

Air temperatures have reached 38-40 degrees Celsius on the Peninsula, significantly increasing air conditioning usage by residents.

The centralized electricity supply for the Crimea has a total consumption of about 1280 MW and is provided in part by its own generation (about 195 MW), as well as through mobile gas-turbine power stations (285 MW) and power transfers from the Unified Energy Grid of the South via the energy bridge (up to 800 MW).

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