Russia is no longer on the list of the EU's top three trading partners

In 2015, the Russian share of the total trade volume of the EU shrank to 6%, putting it in fourth place. Deutsche Welle reported that Eurostat financial data show Switzerland climbing to third place while the US and China continue to hold the top two spots.

"Starting from 2013, Russia’s share of the total trade volume with the EU has dramatically decreased,” the Eurostat report stated, from 284.6 billion euros down to 210 billion in 2014. The report also detailed the US share in total trade at 18 percent or 619 billion euros.

Russia also comes in sixth place in countries with the highest outflow of dollar millionaires, with France, China, Italy, India and Greece making the rest of the top spots. Two thousand people with an estimated fortune of more than $1 million each left Russia last year. As a result, the total number of millionaires in Russia has decreased by 2 percent to 127,000.