Russia warns Montenegro and Bosnia not to join NATO

The expected accession of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO will damage the relations of these countries with Russia. Interfax reported that this was said by the Director of the Department of European Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Andrey Kelin.

“NATO is currently adhering to an extremely unfriendly policy towards Russia. In addition, foreign troops are being placed on the territory of the Baltic states. An accession to NATO in this situation will not aid in stability, but will rather strengthen confrontation between the countries,” Kelin said at a forum of young diplomats.

“Montenegro is now preparing to join, and I know Bosnia and Herzegovina are being encouraged too. This will not lead to an improvement in our relations,” he added.

The protocol for Montenegro’s accession to NATO was signed in May in Brussels by the foreign ministers of the member countries of the Alliance.

Montenegro will become NATO’s 29th member after all member countries approve the protocol.

It was previously reported that the Prime Minister of Montenegro has not ruled out holding a referendum on joining NATO.

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