Russia’s National Guard and Federal Security Service will guard the Kerch Strait

The servicemen of the National Guard and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation will ensure the security of the waters of the Kerch Strait, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote. “If the troops of the Russian National Guard previously served at Lake Baikal or the Yenisei, Volga and Amur rivers and some other marine areas then the Kerch Strait is a new area of responsibility for them,” the Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Major-General Oleg Borukaev stated.

The significance of the Kerch Strait is related to the construction of the bridge that will connect mainland Russia with the Crimean peninsula. Radicals in Ukraine repeatedly threatened to impede this ambitious construction. Russian border guards even captured extremists who planned diversions and terrorist acts near the Russian territory, the edition wrote.

Workers have installed half of the piles of the Kerch Bridge in marine and land areas. 3,540 piles out of more than 7,000 planned by the project were immersed to a depth of 12 to 90 meters.

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