Russia's Poseidon gas transport project won’t be a priority for the EU

The EU is not ready to grant priority status to Russia’s new Poseidon gas transport project.

According to Evropeyskaya Pravda, this statement was made by the European Commissioner, Maroš Šefčovič, during the Ukrainian Energy Forum.

“It is difficult to comment on this Russian initiative as it was only announced a few days ago.  We do not have any official documents yet,” Sefchovich said.

"However, we can say that the Poseidon project duplicates the transit routes which will transport Asian gas to the EU.  This latter project should launch before 2020, and it has always been a priority for the EU.  With respect to the Poseidon project, we consider it to be a private Russian initiative,” Šefčovič explained.

The aim of Russia’s new Poseidon project is to transport gas under the Black Sea to Italy through Greece.

If Poseidon were to be granted priority status, it would facilitate the construction of the project, as stipulated in the Third Energy Package.

  EU, Russia, gas corridor