Russia transfers more military aircraft to Crimea

According to official sources, large-scale military exercises were scheduled to be carried out on in Crimea, and Russia continues to transfer military equipment to the occupied Peninsula.

During the last week a dozen military aircraft (IL-76) of the Russian Armed Forces were transferred to the peninsula, as stated by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).  14 helicopters and one battalion tactical group of the Russian Army were transferred as well.

According to the Ukrainian officials, on the 19th and 25th of February, units in the Black and the Sea of Azov are going to carry out missile and gun firing exercises. "In fact, this again confirms that the peninsula has turned into a military base for Russian troops," explained the Chief of Staff of the SSU, Alexander Tkachuk. These large-scale exercises are not the first that have been carried out near Ukraine. A few days ago, occupiers conducted exercises with the subdivisions of the army corps that are now in the occupied Donbas region. As was reported a few days ago, occupiers on the peninsula reinforced their capabilities for countering a massive air attack.

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