Russian military adviser killed in Aleppo

A Russian military adviser has been killed in Syria after an attack by opposition forces in the war-torn city of Aleppo, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Interfax reported.

The deceased serviceman, Colonel Ruslan Galitsky, was working with a group of Russian military advisers, the Defense Ministry stated.

“Colonel Ruslan Galitsky has died in the hospital from severe wounds. Russian military doctors had been fighting for his life for a few days. The serviceman was wounded during shelling of a residential neighborhood in western Aleppo by militants of the so-called opposition,” the Defense Ministry announced in a statement.

The colonel will reportedly be given a top military award posthumously.

Galitsky was the commander of the 5th Guards Tank Brigade in eastern Siberia.

The death of the Russian colonel comes shortly after two Russian medics were killed in an attack on a hospital in Aleppo.

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