Russian police force and Federal Security Service will be mobilized as servicemen if war breaks out

In the event of war, governors, Regional Offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Security Service and Offices of the National Guard of Russia will be transferred under the management of the Command of Military Districts of the Ministry of Defense, Izvestia reported.

“During the Caucasus-2016 drills, the Ministry of Defense evaluated for the first time how the Command of Military Districts will manage various public offices of the Russian Federation,” a source in the military agency told Izvestia. According to them, the drills were conducted successfully.

As Izvestia wrote, a new system of management will allow the facilitation and maintenance of martial law, ensure the mobilization of the population and the defense of social facilities.

The previous rules implied that each Regional Office would solve only its problems in the event of war and that the Ministry of Defense would take on the role of coordinator. Now, the situation has changed. According to the new scheme, the Ministry of Defense will manage local authorities and security forces.

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