Media: Russian soldiers rob evacuees near Aleppo

Evacuation from Eastern Aleppo is accompanied by violence and brutality from Iranian and Russian soldiers controlling the checkpoints at the exit from this part of the city.

One incident was described to by Syrian journalist Monzer Etaki, who left the eastern area of Aleppo a few days ago during the evacuation.

"On Monday, December 19, we got permission to evacuate. I fell ill after living in my car all those days. People around me burned their belongings to warm themselves. I got into one of the buses, but at a checkpoint, a Russian officer took away my laptop, drone and a camera. After that they let us go, and we got to the zero zone, the neutral territory,” he reported.

The journalist said that some rebels are still in eastern Aleppo, along with their families.

"But there are still some civilians who remain in Aleppo. They want to be evacuated together with the opposition fighters, because they do not trust the Russians and the Iranians who carry out the evacuation. They want to be protected, but the UN and the Red Cross, which are observing the evacuation, cannot provide protection. They cannot prevent people from being arrested,” the reporter said.

Earlier, it was reported that on Saturday, during the evacuation from Aleppo, unknown suspects burned the buses meant for evacuation.

The UN will create an organization to investigate the crimes in Syria.

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