Russian source says terrorists are planning to use chemical weapons in Syria and frame Assad for it

In one of the districts of Daraa, Syria, terrorists are preparing a provocation with the use of chemical weapons, similar to the situation in Idlib, said an informed Russian diplomatic source to RIA Novosti.

According to the interlocutor of the news agency, the provocation is being prepared near the Nawa-Jasim-Inkhil towns and the information about it was received from reliable sources in the Syrian military-political leadership. According to the existing findings, the militants have been planning this operation over the past several weeks.

The source said that the terrorists were motivated by statements made by the military leadership and the State Department of the USA, promising that if Bashar Assad’s government uses chemical weapons, "measures that will be catastrophic for it" would be taken.

The interlocutor of the news agency added that professional journalists would be involved in covering the provocation, much like the situation in Idlib, and that the "chemical attack" itself would be broadcast through opposition media and social networks.

The terrorists’ goal is "to provoke the invasion of the coalition forces led by the United States into Syrian territory with a subsequent forcible overthrow of the current authorities in the Syrian Arab Republic," the source added and emphasized that Russia had "on June 29 notified the military leadership of the forces of the US-led international coalition against ISIL about the terrorists’ plans to carry out such action."

The USA does not believe that the information about the impending attack is reliable. This was announced during a briefing by State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert.

When asked whether the US is concerned about the possibility terrorist attack, Nauert responded with an ironic expression and replied "No" and then she reiterated the same answer twice more. According to her, chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government only and "there is no debate on this matter."

When asked whether the United States believed that Syria had got rid of chemical weapons in accordance with the Russian-American agreements of 2013, the representative of the State Department answered "No."

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