Russian universities were checked for 'protest potential'

During the last two years the hidden "protest potential" of students and teachers at Russian universities have been monitored, as reported by the Deputy Head of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Projections at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), Nikita Danyuk, at the Congress of the vice-rectors for educational work, Kommersant reports.

As part of the educational program "Scenarios for the Future of Russia," Danyuk, together with his colleagues, visited more than 40 Moscow and regional universities where he lectures "on combating destructive political forces," and spoke with students on political topics. "Unfortunately, at the faculty level not openly, but without hesitation, destructive anti-State propaganda exists," Danyuk said.

He added that as a results of this work, the "memos for internal use — including representatives of the state authorities as well as certain specialized agencies," were prepared. Danyuk believes that the information will be relevant to the election of the President of Russia in 2018 and "the prevention of these perspectives in the future."

It is noted that the project "Scenarios for the Future of Russia" was jointly implemented with the Anti-Maidan movement, the political analyst, Nikolai Starikov, and "other media people."

In the summer of 2015, the Defense Ministry offered to start teaching “counter color revolutions" to students of all specializations.

Anti-Maidan is a social movement created in Russia in 2015. It opposes regime change "by illegal means" and the so-called color revolutions. Among its founders are the leader of the Night Wolves motorcycle club, Alexander Zaldostanov, also known as the Surgeon, and the writer, Nikolai Starikov.

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