Saakashvili's ambitions in Ukraine are higher than the position of Prime Minister

The Governor of Odessa, Mikhail Saakashvili, stated that his ambitions in Ukraine are not limited to the post of Prime Minister.

According to the politician, his goal is “to establish new rules of the game and to involve a new generation of the political elite.” He also noted in an interview with the Rustavi 2 channel in Georgia that Ukraine is now exploring the same path as Georgia had before the Rose Revolution.

Saakashvili also noted that he would begin to be more active and start meeting with people. “Starting on February 22nd, I have scheduled 22 meetings in 22 days in 22 towns throughout Ukraine,” he informed.

Moreover, in his opinion, the current Government of Ukraine has to resign, “as far as there cannot be a government in Ukraine which consists of everything that is post-Soviet, oligarchic and corrupt.” When speaking about the President, Petro Poroshenko, Saakashvili called him a top-level politician who “wants reforms” and this is his “major advantage.”

Earlier the Governor of the Odessa Regional State Administration made known his intentions to change the political system of Ukraine.

The previous day it was reported by the Ukrainian channel that sources indicate that Saakashvili could be dismissed from his post as Governor of Odessa by early March. However, Daryna Chyzh, the spokesperson for the politician stated that his resignation is not planned. As the Dozhd channel reports, she also expressed the opinion that information about his resignation may be circulated by Saakashvili’s detractors.

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