Savchenko announced her intention to run for President of Ukraine

People's Deputy Nadiya Savchenko declared her intention to run for the post of head of the Ukrainian state. In an interview with the Glavkom news website published on Thursday, when asked if she would run, she replied, "I will take part. What will be after that will be seen later."

"To participate in the presidential campaign, in reality, it doesn’t take much: 2.5 million hryvnia ($96,400 USD) to register. The fund is being opened and discussed candidly. I am collecting money for the Presidency," the parliamentarian said.

When asked who determines her readiness to become the head of the state, Savchenko answered: "Definitely the people." She also announced her intention to participate in the parliamentary elections, if they would be held today.

"I would lead my party to participate in them. People who have been in power should no longer be there. People who were deputies in at least one convocation should no longer be deputies. They can be advisers, assistant deputies," Savchenko said.

When asked about the top five in her party, the parliamentarian replied that the positions are already filled. "These are my assistants, the people who first came to work for me. They are: Tatyana Protorchenko, a person who wasn’t in politics; Iryna Yuzik, who wasn’t in politics, who is a public figure; Serhiy Protsenko, who was never in politics; and Vladislav Stefan, the only one who was in politics. He was in the Party of Regions at the local level. He is the first one who left the Party of Regions. He has been battling the Party of Regions in Kryvyi Rih his whole life," Savchenko said.

She also said, responding to the relevant questions, that she would not accept in her party for various reasons the ex-president of Georgia, former head of the Odessa regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili, former premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former defense minister Anatoly Hrytsenko, and the “For Life” party leader Vadim Rabinovich.

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