Savchenko extradition procedure could start in March

The extradition procedure of the illegally imprisoned Ukrainian pilot, Nadia Savchenko, may begin by mid-March.  This was stated by Savchenko’s lawyer, Mark Feygin, in an interview for Apostrophe.  Savchenko is currently imprisoned in Russia.

“The verdict will be announced at the end of February or in early March, in just three and a half weeks.  The sentence will then come into legal force 10 days thereafter.  Savchenko refused to appeal, but I do not entirely agree with that.  I think that we must appeal, but she has no desire to,” he said. 

According to Feygin, as soon as the sentence is enforced, the extradition procedure may begin.

“Kiev can request the extradition of Savchenko for her sentence to be served in Ukraine,” he continued.

He did however note that there are some obstacles “of a procedural nature.”

“An example of this is that Ukraine has to recognize the legality of the verdict, but this is just a formality.  It can be avoided after having accomplished the main task, which is to bring Savchenko back to Ukraine,” Feygin added.

In December, the court extended the period of detention of Nadia Savchenko until April 2016.  She then declared a hunger strike to last until the end of her trial.

  Ukraine, Russia, political prisoners