Savchenko is ready to head the Ministry of Defense

A member of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko, expressed her readiness to head the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Yes, I would agree…I would legalize things that are happening anyway. In the Ukrainian army, a captain commands a brigade; he is not even a colonel. A captain can handle a mission. There were instances, such as during the seizure of the Kramatorsk airfield by separatists, where one group was headed by a colonel, another one by a major and the third one by a captain. Only the captain brought his group to the end of the mission,” Savchenko said on Saturday on TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

Savchenko has even developed an action plan which she would implement as Defense Minister. First of all, she would legalize a really effective army, and secondly, sweep away everyone who absorbs money, stimulates corruption and harms those who are at the forefront.

The member of the Verkhovna Rada also stated that crimes committed in the conflict zone should be brought before a military tribunal.

Earlier, Nadiya Savchenko expressed her confidence that she would win a presidential election. If the elections were held in 2016, she would win them with 100% probability, she stated.

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