Savchenko proposes holding direct talks with separatist leaders

During an interview with Radio Era, Nadiya Savchenko proposed holding direct talks with the leaders of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, RBC-Ukraine reported.

Savchenko stressed that she wants “to find understanding with these people.”

“We need to learn to forgive... not everything can be forgiven, but everything can be dealt with and backed up by the laws later,” Savchenko said.

Savchenko outlined three steps to end the war in eastern Ukraine, including holding direct talks with the separatist leaders.

The former Ukrainian pilot’s plan included “Extending sanctions against Russia, because the country has still not understood that it has to leave… entering into direct contact without a third or fourth party. I am ready to do this ... Mr. Zakharchenko and Mr Plotnitsky… as an MP I am willing to talk to them ... and the third step is to smile at each other and succeed.”

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