Savchenko's mother says Russia is ready to exchange her daughter if Ukraine recognizes the sentence

The Russian Federation is ready to exchange Ukrainian serviceman and People's Deputy of Ukraine, Nadiya Savchenko, if Ukraine recognizes the sentence of the Russian court, according to Savchenko`s mother, Maria Savchenko, as indicated in an interview with the Associated Press.

"They [the Ukrainian government] want to do an exchange. But Russia has two conditions: to recognize the validity of the sentence by the Russian court and to exchange her for others [Russian prisoners in Ukraine]," Maria Savchenko said. "To admit that she is the killer and she killed; why does she need this black spot, if she did not kill? They fabricated the 39 volumes of lies," she added.

Maria Savchenko added that Kiev is making every effort to return the soldier home. "The President is trying to help. Especially now, he is persuading Nadiya to postpone a hunger strike by even one day. When I was with him, he said that he is thinking about Nadiya 24 hours a day. He will find a way for her to be returned," the mother of the Ukrainian prisoner said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Public Oversight Commission (POC) of the Rostov region, Leonid Petrasic, relayed to Interfax South that Nadiya Savchenko, who has been convicted for the murder of Russian journalists, is in a satisfactory condition.

"Today, the members of the POC visited Savchenko in jail. She is in a satisfactory condition. However, she refuses to be examined by Russian physicians. She insists that she will be examined only by foreign doctors from Ukraine or Germany," the agency representative said.

According to him, Savchenko insists she be sent to Ukraine. "Yesterday, Nadiya Savchenko weighed 66 kg, but today a report of her weight and other vital statistics could not be obtained. She has begun a dry hunger strike," Petrasic said.

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