Security Service of Ukraine will hold anti-terrorist exercises near the Crimea

Anti-terrorist exercises will be held on April 21st in the Henichesk district of the Kherson region which borders on the Russian-annexed Crimea, as reported by Krym.Realii.

"These are ordinary systematic drills, which we conduct from time to time," the head of the Kherson SBU HQ administration’s press service, Victoria Shakula, explained.

According to her, the exercise will be conducted by the Coordinating Group of the Antiterrorist Center under the management of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) in Kherson oblast (region).

The SBU asks local residents to remain calm in connection with the concentration of Special Forces officers and military men in the area and to be understanding about temporary inconveniences.

Victoria Shakula noted that the anti-terrorist exercises would not affect the operation of the checkpoint near Chonhar.

The Henichesk Raion (district) of the Kherson Oblast (region) is located near the administrative border with the Crimea, which has been annexed by Russia since 2014.

After Crimea’s annexation, a formal administrative, though in fact a real border, lay between mainland Ukraine and the peninsula. There are three checkpoints that control entry/exit at the administrative border: Kalanchak, Chonhar, and Chaplynka.

In late March the SBU conducted a large-scale antiterrorist exercise in Zaporizhia.

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