SBU: Russia is attempting to destabilize the situation in Ukraine

Russian security services are trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, creating so-called pseudo-territorial communities, as reported by Colonel Stepan Greschuk, the head of the Main Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for the Kyiv region, in an interview with the newspaper, Segodnya.

Greschuk noted that the establishment of these sort of communities has nothing to do with the laws of Ukraine on local self-government or on the distribution of powers between central and local authorities; they exist only on paper. "On behalf of certain persons who call themselves authorized representatives of the local communities, some agencies have prepared and distributed letters to nearly all the local councils with the aim of diverting them from performing their functions. All of this sows discord among the population regarding the establishment of territorial communities. They engage individual groups of citizens in this process, who are arbitrarily assigned to the posts of land managers or other administrators; they make printed forms, seals and other trappings of power. All this bears a mere formal nature," the SBU representative said.

According to him, the intelligence service was also aware of the calls for separatism in social networks. However, the Chief of the SBU in Kyiv says that such cases are rare lately, and there is no mass agitation.

Previously, the SBU reported that Russia was preparing provocations in order to organize early parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

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