Security Service of Ukraine cautioned Savchenko against publicly disclosing information about POWs

The Security Service of Ukraine cautioned the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Nadiya Savchenko, against public disclosure of the list of prisoners and missing people in the Donbas due to potential harm it may cause

“Of course, we are aware of the lists. We work with these lists. I can only say that there are certain laws that restrict the release of any information related to personal data. In 2014-2015, we used to catch rogues who received classified information about our heroes, hostages who were illegally detained in Donetsk and Luhansk. In fact, they have tried to benefit from the suffering of people, telling relatives that there is an opportunity to communicate with or release the hostages,” the Advisor to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Yuri Tandit, stated on 112-Ukraine TV.

Tandit noted that such information, which is potentially harmful to the prisoners and their relatives if disseminated, shouldn’t be distributed under any circumstances. In response to the question of whether the SBU will carry out any explanatory work with Savchenko, Tandit said that they will undoubtedly carry out certain work within existing legislation.

Nadiya Savchenko recently announced her intention to make public the lists of prisoners of war and missing people in the Donbas in the near future. The People’s Deputy of Ukraine claims that she received data at the meeting with leaders of separatists in Minsk and also gathered information on her own.

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