Several opposition representatives were arrested in Russia

Under court order in Kazan, three activists from Aleksey Navalny campaign headquarters were arrested: Iskander Gumerbaev, Azat Shaimukhametov and Andrei Boyarshinov. The three are being incarcerated for 12 days.

As Russian “Radio Liberty” reported on May 30, the activists were found guilty of violating the rules for conducting a protest. The court sentenced each activist to 35 hours of compulsory work because of disobedience to the demands of a policeman.

On May 14, activists held an uncoordinated picket at the Tukay square in Kazan, during which they established an agitation ‘cube’ in support of Navalny's nomination for the presidency of Russia. The police demanded that the cube be removed, after which the activists were detained.

The detainees do not admit their guilt, arguing that the police did not give them any time to fulfill their demand. Earlier, the court arrested two other participants of this picket: Azat Gabdulvaleev and Albert Abuzarov.

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