Shoygu: Russia will continue strengthening troops in the country's south due to the situation in Ukraine

The Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Shoygu, stated that troops in the Russian Southern Military District should be strengthened due to the situation in the southeast of Ukraine and activities of international terrorist groups in the North Caucasus.

“It is worth noticing that the military-political situation in the southwest is still unstable. Negative impacts are made first by the situation in the southeast of Ukraine and also by the activities of international terrorist organizations in the North Caucasus,” Shoygu said.

He stressed the need to strengthen troops in the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the situation in the North Caucasus.

“Due to these conditions, it is necessary to continue to improve the combat strength of the district, recruitment of servicemen under contract, equip troops with new weaponry and military equipment, and also the development of military infrastructure,” he added.

Moreover, Shoygu noted that in 2016, the combat capabilities of the district were increased by 10%, in particular, by the recruitment of contract soldiers, new weapons and an improved deployment system.

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