Siemens will seek the return of turbines from the Crimea

German concern Siemens will insist on the return back to Russia of four turbines delivered to the annexed Crimea, reported Russian agency TASS, citing Siemens representative Philip Ench.

Ench said that a re-acquisition of the gas turbines delivered to the annexed Crimea could be a fairly simple solution to the conflict.

"Technically, this could look like an agreement on the price that one party is willing to pay to get the turbines back," he said. "From this point of view it's quite a simple operation."

That said, Ench noted that Siemens "as a general principle does not comment on negotiations with customers”; but from the very beginning the concern has publicly announced its readiness to buy the gas turbines manufactured for the Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in Taman.

At the same time, the concern, as a "different option for the return" of the turbines, is considering filing a suit at the Moscow Arbitration Court.

Ench said that Siemens would insist on returning back to the Krasnodar Territory of all four units delivered to the annexed Crimea.

"It is obvious that all four turbines have been moved to the Crimea in violation of the client's claims and contractual obligations," he said. "We’re talking about the location of the turbines. It was [supposed to be] the TPP in the Krasnodar Territory, in Taman. All documents were signed with a guarantee that they would be used there. We would like to achieve this. "

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