Swiss explained why their military jet approached the plane of the Russian parliament speaker.

Swiss military office has explained why their war plane approached the Russian air craft.

The Swiss official explained that the war plane approached Russian aircraft for the purpose of identification.

Peter Minder, an official of the Swiss Federal defense department stated that this is a standard procedure and it  is carried out more than 100 times a year.

He confirmed that the military aircraft which approached the Russian jet transporting the speaker of the  Russian Parliament, Sergey Narishkin, was indeed a Swiss aircraft.

The official stated that the military aircraft kept a safe distance and that Russian plane was in no danger.

On October 19th, while in Swish airspace the Russian aircraft was approached by a Swiss military jet.

Russian Foreign affair office summoned a French ambassador as a result of this incident, but the French side said that the aircraft was not French but a Swiss F18.

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