Ten Thousand Left without Water in Crimea

On Saturday, January 2nd, the center of Sevastopol and some other areas of the city experienced a blackout because of a power grid accident. Electricity was then supplied only on certain hours following a predetermined schedule. After the accident some of the residents started having problems with the water supply too.

A 600 mm high pressure pipe suddenly ruptured, cutting off the centralized water supply to about 10,000 people in the suburbs of Sevastopol, namely Inkerman City, GRES and Gorny villages.

The pro-Russian administration of Sevastopol used a 6-ton firefighting truck for providing residents with processed water. The delivery of drinking water was also organized.

The support towers of the "Kakhovka Titan" power line that supply electricity to Crimea were damaged in the evening of December 30th. The contract for the supply of electricity to Crimea from the Ukrainian mainland ended December 31, 2015. By New Year's Eve, 23% of the inhabitants of Russian-occupied Crimea were left without electricity.

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