The Deputy of the German Bundestag: Kiev has to realize how dangerous the situation is

The Deputy of the German Bundestag, Roderich Kiesewetter, has criticized the actions of the Ukrainian government in an interview with Deutsche Welle.  He has also called on the representatives of the authorities to realize the severity of the situation that the country is currently in.

According to Kiesewetter, who is also a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, there are fears that the Russian Federation will continue to take actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.  However, Ukraine is also guilty of worsening the situation.

“People do not trust the government anymore.  They are extremely disappointed as important agreements have failed to become a reality.  There is even a danger that Ukraine will dissolve,” he stated.

According to him, Europe has to prevent such a scenario.  If they do not, hundreds of thousands of people will leave Ukraine for the West.  “The Ukrainian government has to restore confidence, and Ukrainian parliamentarians have to better control the government and civil society.  They need to join forces,” Kiesewetter stressed.

Kiesewetter also mentioned that he was concerned about how the Ukrainian authorities waste opportunities to improve the future of Ukraine.  He said that the European Union (EU) will lose the desire to provide further support to Ukraine due to corruption and delays in the adoption of necessary laws.  He called on responsible politicians in Kiev to realize the severity of the country’s situation.

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