The FBI was invited to renew its mission in Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office

The newly appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, announced an agreement with the FBI’s representative’s office in Ukraine about renewing the FBI’s mission in the Prosecutor General's Office.
As Interfax-Ukraine reported, Lutsenko said that he had come to an agreement regarding the resumption of work of the FBI in the Prosecutor General's Office.

"Also, I have an agreement with the representative office of the FBI in Ukraine about renewal of their mission in the Prosecutor General's Office with the purpose of improving investigation methods and structural reforms in the prosecutor's office bodies," he explained. Lutsenko also supports the idea that investigations of criminal proceedings in the Prosecutor General's Office should meet a certain deadline.
The Prosecutor General also expects that proceedings in in absentia against certain individuals will begin within a few months.

"My greatest worry and expectation is about beginning the pretrial investigation in absentia and the judicial investigation in absentia within several months, according to the law adopted today," he said. Lutsenko reported that the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, will present him to the staff of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine on Friday. He noted that in the next few days he will familiarize himself with the relevant affairs, personnel and financial situation of the department entrusted to him but at this moment he had no comments regarding the general state of the affairs in the office.
Lutsenko intends to hold this position no more than a year and a half. "I want to tell you that I have accepted Petro Poroshenko's proposal about the appointment, but I told him [Poroshenko] that I consider to hold it for about one and a half years… You know me very well: I am neither in soul, nor in life a prosecutor. Of course, I understand what should be done there, but I would not like to stay too long as I have other outlooks on life," he said.

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