The Head of Crimea to dismiss three ministers

Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said that the recent resignations in the government of the republic are not connected to any criminal prosecutions.

Earlier Aksyonov announced his intention to dismiss three regional ministers: Resorts and Tourism Minister Sergei Strelbitsky, Fuel and Energy Minister Svetlana Borodulina and Housing and Public Utilities Minister Sergei Karpov. He also spoke about the dismissal of the mayor of Yalta, Andrei Rostenko at his own request.

The Head of Crimea noted that the main task of any leader is to properly distribute the powers of those officials who possess the necessary qualities.

"Simply at this stage, the change of leaders will give a new impetus to the development of industries. There is nothing really; there are no complaints about them, I mean nothing related to any criminal prosecution, no questions. It’s simply my opinion that this reshuffle will allow us to deepen the level of interaction between departments, as well as improve the quality of work and increase the effectiveness of the work of the Council of Ministers, “Aksyonov told reporters.

He stressed that Svetlana Borodulina, originally wanted to just go into business at the time that she took on the post of Minister of Fuel and Energy. It was simply that at that moment she was executing the tasks of the crisis manager.

"These permutations will allow for a more effective and coordinated work of the government," Aksyonov said.

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