Ukraine’s Minister of Justice: those involved in the construction of the Kerch Bridge will be subject to sanctions

The Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Pavlo Petrenko, said in an interview with the Oglyadach TV program on that “all those involved in the construction of the Kerch Bridge may be subject to international sanctions and this will be a “clear signal.”

“Not a single self-respecting international company will ever put a bolt or nut in it[ the bridge], because they run the risk of losing its business in the EU, the US, and Japan, and in those countries that have joined sanctions against Russia regarding the Crimea. In other words, it is my deep conviction that there are no prospects for this project,” Petrenko stated.

He also said that sanctions forbade companies to supply equipment to the Crimea, “We saw what happened with Siemens,” Petrenko said.

The Minister added that he believes Russia is incapable of implementing a major infrastructure project independently.

“Russia generally cannot build even smaller facilities. I know that after the Olympics in Sochi, entire stadiums have already begun to collapse. Therefore, I think the best tool in this situation is sanctions against companies that were so short-sighted as to join this project,” the government official noted.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine was preparing a lawsuit against Russia as a result of the bridge construction across the Kerch Strait, which will connect the Crimea with the Krasnodar Krai. The length of the bridge will be 19 km and road traffic is planned to begin in December 2018.

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