Montenegro to deport more than 50 Russian citizens

Montenegrin radio station Antena M reported on the 26th of March that the police detained 60 foreigners, including 55 citizens of Russia, during a special operation. All detainees are suspected of involvement in criminal activity. According to Antena M, the arrests took place at Hotel Perjanik, in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica.

Fifty-five citizens of Russia and five citizens of Japan were detained during the operation. They are believed to be involved in “international organized crime”.

All detainees were later released, but TASS reported that the Russian nationals will be deported in the near future.

"Taking into consideration that these foreign nationals’ sojourn in Montenegro was not registered in line with the required procedures, they should be deported from the country in the near future," the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

  Montenegro, Russia