Thousands in Belarus protest against the tax on parasitism

More than a thousand of people protesting against the “tax on parasitism” walked along the central streets of Belarusian city of Brest and blocked traffic flow on the city’s main motorway.

The protesters chanted “Enough!”, “Lukashenko, go away!”, “We don’t want to pay thieves, parasites and cops”. “No salary – there’s a tax, the deputy’s purse. The real sponger is the person who invented the decree.”

A number of the participants in the unsanctioned action – about 150 people – agreed to go into the local administrative building to meet with the city mayor Aleksandr Rogachuk.

Motorists supported participants in the procession with welcoming signals. The police did not interfere with the progress of the unsanctioned protest action.

The current protest action in Brest is the third and also the largest. 100 and 300 people took part in the previous protests respectively.

Protest action against the decree of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko “to prevent social dependency” has been taking place for nearly a month in the capital and in other cities, gathering increasing numbers of participants.

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