Tu-154 air crash: Investigators don’t exclude terrorist attack

The Head of the Flight Aviation Security Service of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Sergei Bainetov, stated that the crash of Russian Tu-154 wasn’t caused by an explosion, but investigators continue to consider possibility that the crash was a result of a terrorist attack.

“After receiving and interpreting the information from the flight recorder (black box), we have reached the conclusion that there was no explosion aboard the aircraft. I can say that for sure. It wasn’t just an explosion, there could be other reasons, which is why, we are not excluding the possibility of a terrorist attack,” Bainetov said on the 29th of December.

The Investigative Commission isn’t ruling out a mechanical issue on the aircraft and therefore the possibility of a terrorist attack is being considered simultaneously with the other possibilities. The Tu-154, which belonged to the Russian Ministry of Defense, crashed on the 25th of December.

There were 93 passengers and crew members aboard. All of them were killed. The majority of the victims were members of Alexandrov’s entourage. Journalists and military officials were also among the victims of the crash. The Tu-154 was on its way to Syria.

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