Turchynov: Putin publicly threatened Ukraine

Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense Alexander Turchynov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin resorted to publicly blackmailing Ukraine when he said that firing in the Donbas will not stop until the constitution of the country is changed and separatists are given amnesty, the press-service of the National Security and Defense reported on Saturday, May 28th.

"Taking responsibility for ceasefire and Minsk Agreements violations, Putin publicly threatened Ukraine with continuing military provocations until the Moscow scenario on dismemberment of Ukraine is implemented,” Turchynov noted.

According to Turchynov, Moscow has shown that they never intended to implement the Minsk peace agreements in which the first paragraph clearly specifies ceasefire, the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine and re-establishing of Ukrainian control over the eastern border.

Turchynov believes that after such statements there should be no illusions that Russia can voluntarily withdraw from the occupied territories and cease military aggression against Ukraine. He also emphasized that a response to the Russian position should be the strengthening of defensive capabilities of Ukraine.

"We should provide our army with necessary weapons and resources and we should finally decide on filling the defense budget instead of having sterile discussions in Parliament,” the Secretary said while expressing hope that "our strategic allies are also able to translate from Russian Putin’s unambiguous threats.”

  Turchynov, Ukraine, Russia